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Jiu Jitsu Life is a strength and combat academy located in Wallingford, Connecticut. We offer Jiu Jitsu classes, FightFit strength and conditioning workouts, Boxing/MMA striking, and Kids Jiu Jitsu/MMA classes.

We have classes tailored for everyone from kids to adults and beginners to pro-level athletes. All workouts are scalable and measurable. Regardless if you are in the best or worst shape of your life, Jiu Jitsu Life is for everyone.


Brian (Sarg) Sargent started training on the mat at age 10. He brings 30 years of wrestling experience, 20 years of military combatives as a Navy SEAL, and 20 years of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training to the academy. With a passion for teaching and competing, it is guarantee you will always find Sarg with a warrior’s spirit, and a fighter’s mindset.

In 2002, Sarg became a dedicated student and training partner to Dean Lister, 3x ADCC Champion, and UFC and Pride Veteran. Sarg also has years of training under Jiu Jitsu Masters Dean Lister, Jocko Willink, and Fabricio (Morango) Camones. His Jiu Jitsu career culminated in 2012, when Sarg received the great honor of being awarded the Black Belt by Master Royler Gracie.

Sarg's love and dedication to the sport of Jiu Jitsu fuels his desire to share his knowledge with others. His commitment to coaching is second to none.

Owner, Instructor - BJJ Black Belt

Brian Sargent

Brianna Sargent is an internationally ranked Jiu Jitsu competitor. She's been training her whole life, and was even home schooled for several years in order to dedicate more time to Jiu Jitsu. Brianna has a passion for the sport that she loves to share with others, especially children. She shines as a coach, and inspires new students to pursue not only skills on the mat, but a healthy lifestyle full of exercise, respect and discipline.

Brianna competes regularly and is the finest example of a young Jiu Jitsu competitor, and coach.

Instructor - BJJ Purple Belt

Brianna Sargent

Sharlene Sargent is as dedicated to Jiu Jitsu as they come.  When she is not teaching the kids classes or training one of her fitness clients she it training for her next Jiu jitsu competition.   She's been training only a short time relatively speaking.  What she lacks in time she makes up for in passion for the sport.  Religiously taking two to three Jiu jitsu class daily, Competing every chance she has, Jiu jitsu is a way of life for her. 

Kids Instructor - Trainer - BJJ Blue Belt

Sharlene Sargent


Jiu Jitsu

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Jiu Jitsu Life

Jiu Jitsu Life LLC.

342 Quinnipiac Street, Bldg. 8C 2nd Floor

Wallingford, CT 06492

Tel: (860)-518-6069

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